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Pickup Tubing

Genuine Fender Guitar Pickup Height Tubes Adjustment Tubing - Pack of 12


New Silver Electric Guitar Single Coil Lipstick Tube Pickup V Vintage Pickup


NEW - Genuine Fender Latex Rubber Tubing For Pickups (12), 099-4916-000


Pickup Screws & Rubber Tubing Spacers for Fender Stratocaster/Strat® #6-32 - NEW


(12) Rubber Pickup Height Adjustment Spacers Tubing for Fender Stratocaster Tele


NEW - Natural Latex Rubber Tubing For Guitar Pickup Height Adjustment, 1 Foot


Electric Guitar Parts: Danelectro(tm)-Style Chrome Lipstick Tube Pickup


Vintage Lipstick Tube Guitar Pickup Chrome Plated 5.7K


Alnico V Lipstick Tube Guitar Pickup for Stratocaster Strat CHROME BLACK or GOLD


Fender Pickup Mounting Rubber Tubing (12) 0994916000


Fender Pickup Tubing 12 Pack 099-4916-000


Telecaster Pickup Mounting Screws Tele 3 bridge and 2 Neck, Screw and Tubes.


Stratocaster Pickup Mounting Screws Set of 6 screws with Latex Tubes


Artec Alnico V Pickup for Danelectro Guitars Tube Lipstick CHROME, BLACK or GOLD


Vintage 50's Style Blackguard Telecaster Pickup Mounting Kit Screw Spring Tubing


Rubber Tubing for pickup mounting & height adjustment 3/8" (9.5mm) -12pack


Vintage 1950's Style Stratocaster Pickup Mounting Kit Screws Rubber Tubing


Vintage Lipstick Tube Style Single Coil Open Pickup For Danelectro Guitar Bass


Musiclily Vintage Lipstick Tube Single Coil Pickup For Danelectro Guitar Bass


Lipstick Tube Single Coil Pickup for Electric Guitar Replacement Part Accessory


Dragonfire Lipstick HSH Pickup Set, Hum-Single-Hum, Specialty Tube Color Choice


Chrome Alnico Dano® Style Tube Lipstick Style Guitar Pickup PU-DNALIP-C


Dragonfire Lipstick HS Pickup Set Hum-Single Specialty Tube SH Pups Color Choice


Kent Armstrong Hot Lips - Split Tube Jazz Bass Chrome Rear Pickup


Rubber Tubing for pickup mounting & height adjustment 3/4" (19mm) -12pack


Seymour Duncan SLS-1 Lipstick Tube Strat pickup set NEW free US ship SLS-1b/rwrp


Artec Lipstick Pickup 70-Tube Gold


Dragonfire Lipstick HSS Pickup Set, Hum-Single-Single Tube Style SSH ColorChoice


Vintage Style Lipstick Tube Guitar Pickup Black for Electric Guitar


Gold Lipstick Tube Single Coil Guitar Pickup Harness Pre-wired with Volume/Jack